During the spring of every year and very near April 15 millions of Americans file their income tax.  Some file begrudgingly begging the question; “why tax filing is important”. The United States government requires all individuals who earn a specific amount of income file Tax Returns annually.  Failure to do so could result in penalties. In the most negligible and delinquent cases the penalties can result in levies, seizure of property or incarceration.


The origin of income taxation in the United States began during the War of 1812.  The government’s purpose was to build a fund for the $100 million dollar debt, which incurred by war-related expenses.  The collection and enforcement of taxing is the responsibility of the Internal Revenue Service, an entity formed by the government.


Filing your taxes is considered a civil duty of every eligible American.  Failure to pay is considered a breach of your responsibility to your country.  The money you pay for taxes is allocated to many areas within the United States.  Income taxes collected are used to pay government employees, the defense department, our military troops as well as the total business of our government.


A number of individuals seem to think that filing tax returns is voluntary and therefore dismiss it as unnecessary and burdensome.  You will find this is not the proper perspective on tax filling.  You may feel your income does not qualify for filing.  However, it is still a good idea.  Records of income from lenders, social services, prospective employers or landlords are usually verified through tax returns.   Even if your income level does not qualify for mandatory filing of returns, it may still be a good idea to voluntarily file returns.


As stated earlier, filing tax returns is an annual activity that is seen as a moral and social duty of every dutiful and responsible citizen of the United States. It is used as the basis for the government to determine the amount and means of expenditures to successfully maintain the programs, facilities, services and the overall production of our government.  Although tedious and perhaps time consuming, tax filling is very important to you, your family and our government.


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