What Information Do I Bring To My Enrolled Agent for Business Taxes

Taxes are due this on April 17th of this year! If you have not gotten your taxes filed, time is running up! Do not miss the deadline for your taxes because you are too overwhelmed to breakaway from your busy schedule to sit down and prepare you tax filing! Instead, contact Enrolled Agent, Sandra King! She will alleviate the stress of filing your own personal or business taxes, by using her years of experience working with the IRS to ensure you are getting the most out of your filing!


What Do You Bring To Your Enrolled Agent

A common question for those looking for professional help to file their taxes is, what do I need to bring with me to my tax appointment. Well this is a fantastic question to ask! Below is listed the information and forms that will be required in order to complete your 2017 business tax filings with an enrolled agent, such as Sandra King:


Gross receipts from sales or services, sales records, returns and allowances, business checking/savings account interest, other incomes that apply.


Cost of Goods Sold

Inventory, beginning inventory total dollar amount, inventory purchases, ending inventory total dollar amount, items removed for personal purposes, materials & supplies.



Advertising, phone costs, computer & internet expenses, transportation and travel expenses, local transportation, business trip mileage log, contemporaneous log or receipts for public transportation, parking, and tolls.



Airfare or mileage/actual expense if drove, hotel, meals and tips, taxi and tips, internet connection.



Cost and first date of business use of assets, records relating to personal use of assets, sales price and disposition date of any assets sold.


Business Insurance

Casualty loss insurance, errors and omissions


Interest Expense

Mortgage interest on building owned by business, business loan interest, investment expense and interest.


Professional Fees

Lawyers, accountants, and consultants, office supplies, pens, paper, staples, and other consumables.


Rent expense

Office space rent, business-use vehicle lease expense.



Square footage of office space, total square footage of home, hours of use, if operating an in home daycare, mortgage interest or rent paid, homeowner’s or renters’ insurance, utilities, cost of home, separate improvements and first date of business use.


Wages Paid to Employees

Form W-2 and W-3, Federal and state payroll returns, employee benefit expenses.



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