If you have recently received notice by the IRS that you are being audited, then you probably already know, this has the potential to cause a lot of anxiety and panic in your life. Whether you are currently experiencing this financial misfortune, or are worried that you have an audit in your near future, you understand how desperate you can feel trying to understand what the impact of this audit can cause. If you are not a tax professional or are not fluent with the jargon the IRS uses in their often-threatening tone when you receive a letter letting you know you are being audited, King’s Financial Services can help you. You do not have to face this audit on your own, you can work with us to come up with solutions that help you avoid further complications. Most often, when someone is audited for their taxes, it is because of accidental errors they made while filing their taxes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get to the other side of this complicated problem and avoid further legal action against you.


At King’s Financial Services, we have out together a team of financial experts who all come from a variety of educational backgrounds with various professional experiences. Our team can help to quickly and simply explain the type of audit you are currently experiencing, so that we can recommend the most effective course of action for you to get through this stressful and often intimidating time for taxpayers like yourself.


Most frequently, audits are simple correspondence audits. Meaning the IRS is looking for further documentation to resolve outstanding questions the IRS has about your tax return. If you are experiencing a different type of audit, such as an office examination audit or field audit, these can be more involved, meaning they take more time and effort in order to resolve. Regardless of the type of audit you are experiencing, the team at King Financial Services is here to help you make the best choices for your situation. Going through an audit by yourself can leave you in a worse mess than you have started in, do not face this on your own. Instead, arm yourself with the knowledge and assistance of professional enrolled agent, Sandra King, and her team of financial professionals. We can help you to get through this audit with as little stress and complication as possible.


No matter what type of audit you are facing, the dedicated team of financial professionals at King’s Financial Services are here to help you get to the other side. Contact us today to learn more about the tax auditing and financial services we offer.


Tax Professionals in Texas

Sandra King is an enrolled agent, empowered by The United States Treasury to prepare your personal or business tax filing. While her services are offered nationwide, Sandra King locally serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, including but not limited to Arlington, Bedford, Colleyville, Euless, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Hurst, Mansfield, North Richland Hills, and Richland Hills.



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