Top Five Tax Myths

As tax time approaches us, it important to understand fact from myth.  Millions of taxpayers can sometimes misconstrue the written information provided by the IRS.  Many Taxpayers start to believe out and out rumors on allowable tax deductions. It’s always best to have a certified tax preparer to take you through what is fact vs. myth.  This way, you will be protected from IRS scrutiny if you file your taxes with unfounded write off. Here’s a look at the top five myths on deductions for Taxes.


  1. Filing Taxes is Voluntary

Many people feel this way because the Form 1040 instruction booklet refers to our tax system as voluntary.  Actually we are all bound by law to file our taxes. The world “voluntary only refers to the fact that we each voluntarily determine how much we owe.  However, the IRS determines accuracy.

2. The IRS has to file a return for you

This is another myth very much like the “voluntary myth.  Again the use of language has caused the misconception. In the instruction booklet it states “the IRS can compile a return for you if they suspect fraud. As mentioned earlier, the IRS determines accuracy and if they suspect fraud the WILL compile a return for you. However, the initial return does have to be done by you.

3.  Students don’t have to pay taxes

This is a partial myth.  When a student is a dependent of someone else, most likely a parent.  They are not required to pay taxes if the earned less than 12,000 (2018).  

4. You can claim pets as a dependent

Absolutely not true.  Pet parents think of their animals as children/dependents. However, they are not humans and there are not deductions for the

5. Money made on the Internet is not taxable Completely False

Completely False!  ANYONE doing business whether on the Internet or not have to pay taxes


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