What exactly can enrolled agents do?

Enrolled agents are granted unlimited practice rights. This means that Enrolled Agents can provide help to anyone, including individuals, businesses, and other entities with any aspect of their taxes. If you are looking for tax resolutions in Dallas, the team at King Financial Services can help you. Our team wants to make it easy for you to navigate through your financial situation and make it simple for you to report your tax information to the IRS. If you have an error in your filing, are behind on taxes, or are looking to reduce the total amount of taxes you owe, we can help you.


King Financial Services in Dallas, TX is home to two Enrolled Agents, that are empowered by The United States Treasury to prepare your personal or business tax filing. Don’t waste your time calling one of the large advertisers that claim to solve your problems for pennies on the dollar, instead take the time to talk to your trusted, local tax expert. Our team solves IRS tax problems locally and in every state. We are here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through. We pride ourselves on being very efficient, affordable, and, of course, extremely discrete.


Enrolled agents can, among other things:


-Help you with tax planning

-Give you tax advice and help you navigate complicated tax rules

-Prepare, sign, and file your tax return

-Represent you before the IRS when dealing with audit, payment, or collection issues

-Assist you with any other tax matters


Commercial Tax Resolution Near Me

When it comes to preparing taxes for your business, it is important to protect yourself by ensuring you are properly filing. Whenever there is an error in filing your taxes it can negatively impact your business, cost you money, and even result in an audit. Working with an experienced tax professional can help to get you the most out of your tax return, ensure you are not overpaying, and that you are properly reporting your financial information. This year even more business owners are looking for assistance when it comes to filing their business taxes because of the complexities associated with financial aid and the COVID-19 pandemic. If your business has suffered due to the circumstances of the pandemic, you may qualify for more tax write-offs than you realize. At King Financial Services, we understand the importance of saving money, especially for small business owners that have been most affected by the pandemic.


If you are looking for a tax resolution in Dallas, for your personal or commercial tax problems, our team can help you! Our highly qualified tax professionals work with business owners from a wide range of industries to help reduce their taxes and file accurate tax returns. Do not let your taxes overwhelm you, instead work with a team of financial professionals who will advocate for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide.


King Financial Services in Dallas

Don’t get lost in the paperwork that comes along with running a business, instead reach out to King Financial Services. Our team of financial professionals understands how overwhelming it can be to you and your staff to keep up with additional tasks and record keeping. This is why we help eliminate the workload that comes with bookkeeping in house by managing all of the additional responsibilities, such as payroll and bookkeeping. Contact us today to learn more about the tax and financial services we offer. Sandra King is an enrolled agent, empowered by The United States Treasury to prepare your personal or business tax filing. While her services are offered nationwide, Sandra King locally serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, including but not limited to Arlington, Bedford, Colleyville, Euless, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, Hurst, Mansfield, North Richland Hills, and Richland Hills.



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