Solar Energy Credit:
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Maximize your Solar Credit for 2022.

The Tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of the Federal income tax you owe.

It is not a refundable credit.  In other words, it will eliminate the total tax you pay on federal taxes but nothing more.  If it is not used, it will roll over to future years until it is.

The Tax credit is based on the placed date of service.

The difference between a tax credit such as the Solar Energy Credit and a Tax deduction is the credit is for each dollar owed the Federal government in Income Tax.  A Deduction reduces the taxable income, not the tax itself.

As licensed IRS Enrolled Agents, we are multi-state licensed professionals who prepare your return with the utmost accuracy.  We passed a strenuous test and have over 30 hours of continuing education each year in Tax Law.  The US Congress declared us “as the Tax Law Experts.”  Unlike CPA’s and attorney’s, we represent Taxpayers in all states, not just one state.  We are licensed by the IRS in all states and US territories.

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