There are many times that taxpayers cannot file their taxes.  In some cases, they don’t have the money to pay. Other times, much needed paperwork isn’t available when time is of essence.  Regardless, the IRS is serious about Americans filing their returns. There is always a penalty for not filing. However, the severity is determined by how long you wait.


The Enrolled Agents at King Financial Services understand that life happens and most Americans want to file the taxes on time.  However, circumstances can prevent it. That’s why we work with delinquent taxpayers to help them file their taxes to get back in good standing with the IRS.  Our Tax professionals can prepare the fillings and submit them to the IRS. We can also represent you to the IRS if needed.


The penalty for not meeting he IRS filing deadline is 5% per month charge of the total taxes owed.  If you’re entitled to a refund and did not file on time, there is no penalty for failing to file your tax return by the deadline. However, filing as soon as possible is a must.  Whether you owe taxes or not, contact us as soon as possible. King Financial Services is a Tax Preparation Firm with Enrolled Agents who work closely with the IRS. We by far can get the best results for your delinquent Taxes.


At King Financial Services we handle the biggest tax issues with ease.  You are guaranteed representation with the IRS with King Financial Services.  We are enrolled agents and we have a built in relationship with the IRS. No matter the task,

whether it’s tax audits, delinquent taxes, tax preparation or late tax filings, King Financial Services are your go to source for taxes.


When it comes to taxes, King Financial Services are the experts.  We’ve helped thousands of tax payers with stopping wage garnishments, settled tax debt, tax liens or audit representation King Financial Services can help with almost all tax matters.   We are licensed in all 50 states of the US. This means, no matter where you move King Financial Services is on your side.


If you’re late on filing your taxes, have outstanding delinquent tax returns, or facing an IRS audit, the Enrolled Agents at King Financial Services can help.  Contact the Tax Experts at King Financial Services today.



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